The most profitable and secured investment in the world is always appreciating, being a landlord in Nigeria is a very serious business because properties appreciate every day. Right now Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa where landed properties are most expensive, If you buy a plot of land now anywhere in the country you are sure to make a 100% profit within two years. You can also buy and sell later. It’s possible to invest in properties with just 50k in Nigeria.
You can invest in real estate with just 50k, this is especially so if you can purchase and sell the land for profit within a few short months, or years. This way, you don’t have to keep waiting till you build considerable savings before you can spring into action. Once you find a good land in a good location that can appreciate in value quickly, find a way to source for funds, after all, real estate is a stable investment that won’t slip through your fingers, as long as you follow due process and acquire all the necessary titles for the property from the appropriate authorities.
Reasons to invest in Abuja property
Abuja is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Growth means increasing population. Increasing population means further demand for housing as well as goods and services. Further demand means rising real estate value, rising real estate prices is great news for property investors.
Abuja is still unfinished
Less than 50% of Abuja’s districts have been developed. Hence the majority of the city is still green virgin land. Having said this, development is happening at increasing speeds. Development focus has shifted to the outskirts i.e. Abuja phase 3 outwards. Abuja today cannot be compared to the Abuja of 10 years ago.
Plenty of undeveloped land
Given the abundance of undeveloped land, you can invest in almost any kind of real estate you like, be it residential or commercial. Shops or flats. Schools or shopping centers. The opportunity for investment is almost unlimited.
Rising property prices
Real estate prices are almost guaranteed to rise in Abuja as it is the capital of Nigeria. As a result, it is where government activities are focused like Washington DC in the USA or London in England.
Property finance is available
There has been an Increased focus on mortgages and payment plans, especially with new construction homes. The government has promised to recapitalize various lending institutions and simplify application processes. This will give more people access to the finance needed to become homeowners and thus reduce the nation’s housing deficit. Application for mortgages used to take years but now you can get an answer in months.
Real estate protects against inflation
As the money in circulation increases the value of properties tend to rise, as real estate is often where surplus money is invested. Having some money inside real estate will protect you from inflation and any future currency volatility.
Property investment incentives
Investing in Abuja and by extension Nigeria is now safer than ever. Fresh government initiatives have created an enabling environment for investment. Also being the federal capital, Abuja is the safest place to live in Nigeria. Here you can find people from across the globe.
How to invest
When it comes to profitable property investment, Abuja is a great location. You just need to know the simple steps needed to ensure you make a sound investment. To start with, you can have a look at our best areas to buy land article or our land buying guide. You can visit our website for more info on that
Why u need to invest in Webmark Estate Services
proximity: Our estate locations are very close to city centers about 30 mins drive or less.
land marks: Our Estates are mostly located around airport, railway, military estates, schools, Government Agencies with very high prospect and appreciation value.
Good titles: Our titles are majorly R of O and well Gazette with relevant agency.
Good road network: All our locations are very close to tarred road, ring roads or ongoing road works.
Prices: Our prices are very Flexible, competitive and very affordable prices with easy payment plan with as low as 50k initial deposit and spread balance for months.
You can pay 50% and move to the site, upon your first payment you will get free corner piece, free 200 pieces of block and 5 bags of cement. Also we are giving a bag of rice and groundnut oil for any of our plots you buy, you can deposit as low as 50k n spread d balance for 12 months or more. For Promos and lots more. See our website for more info.
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